Financial Capital of Ireland

GOAL: To make Ireland Invincible through creating an integrated national consciousness, so that positivity permeates life everywhere and no one has to face problems and failures.

By raising the national consciousness to a high level of integration and positivity, the nation will rise to Invincibility--affluence, peace prosperity and progress.
To achieve this we will use our programs in Education, Health, Agriculture, Construction and Administration.

Our inspiration to crown the nation with Invincibility is on the ground of more than 600 scientific research studies on Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and TM- Sidhi programme, including Yogic Flying, conducted over the last 35 years at over 250 independent universities and research institutions in 32 countries.

This research has demonstrated profound benefits in all fields of life for both the individual and the nation, in all the channels through which that we have been serving society during the past 50 years --Health, Education, Administration, Defense, Business and Industry, Criminal Rehabilitation and Crime Reduction.

All these benefits have clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of our programmes in improved the quality of life for both the individual and the society.

These same scientifically proven programmes will now be employed to Crown Ireland with Invincibility and to create Peace in the World.