Resolution No.1 of the
Financial Capital of Ireland
to Crown Ireland with Invincibility

Resolution No.1 of the Financial Capital of Ireland to Crown Ireland with Invincibility It is resolved to crown Ireland with Invincibility by raising the national consciousness to a high level of integration and positivity, so that positivity permeates life everywhere and no one in our dear Ireland has to face problems and failures. The whole approach to raise the nation to invincibility — affluence, peace, prosperity and progress—is by training and engaging 250 people on a permanent basis to maintain an integrated state of national consciousness. It is a very specialized knowledge that we have developed and we have gotten it scientifically proved. Housing will have to be specially built for these experts, according to Sthapatya Veda, which provides the architectural mathematics to create fortune-creating homes with entrances on the East. The employment of these peacecreating experts, at the minimum salary rate during the 1st year of their training of €1,250 will have a cost of €312,500 per month for the total number of 250.


• We are fortunate to have 8 billionaire families of Ireland, and therefore we don’t feel we will ever fall short of funds.

• Considering the whole population, the program that we are putting forward to crown Ireland with invincibility, has a cost of about 5 cent per person per month; or 60 cent per person per year ! As Government stands for the whole population, it will only be a matter of ?312,500 per month for the Government. The Annual Government budget for the administration of Ireland is ?70.3 billion. Thus the budget for invincibility is insignificant. This is because of our new knowledge of Total Natural Law, the UNIFIED FIELD, brought to the world from the altar of all the physical sciences and from the ancient science of consciousness—the ancient Vedic Literature. We also resolve to become members of the European Financial Capital in Brussels and the Global Financial Capital in New York. If our project is not honoured by the celebrated custodians of wealth of Ireland within a week, then we’ll borrow money from our friends abroad to crown the nation with invincibility; and we will engage ourselves in activities for earning money and returning this money. But it will not behoove the dignity of the high level custodians of wealth in the country.

• We are determined to do it. Even if one percent of the population (0.55 million people) is able to donate €5 per month, or €60 per year, Ireland will be crowned with invincibility and hold its head high in the family of nations. We are in a hurry to crown our motherland, fatherland, with invincibility. On the full moon of September 7th we’ll hold a flag raising ceremony for Invincible Ireland. Those accepting the honour of becoming the founders and custodians of Invincibility for Ireland will be awarded this national honour. We have decided to celebrate 2 Founders of Invincibility and 6 Custodians of Invincibility on the basis of their contribution of €750,000 per year and €375,000 per year respectively.


Funds are being collected at:
Bank of Ireland, Blackrock, Co Dublin, Ireland. Bank Code 90-10-28.
M.I.U. (Irl) Ltd. Co. Reg. No. 36300 : Reg. Educational Charity CHY 6073,
t/a Financial Capital of Ireland, Acc.No. 47073979.




This inspiration to crown the nation with invincibility is on the ground of more than 600 scientific research studies on Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques, including Yogic Flying, conducted over the last 35 years at over 250 independent universities and research institutions in 32 countries and recorded in 7 volumes of scientific research of 5,000 thousand pages. This research has demonstrated profound benefits in all fields of life and all the channels through which we have been serving society in past years —health, education, defence, business and industry, criminal rehabilitation and crime reduction, and administration in the direction of world peace.

We express our warmest congratulations for Raja Willem of the Netherlands for having taken the leading step in this direction five months ago and who has so far reached results day by day in the field of economics and other areas of national life.