Definition of Invincibility

Invincibility is a quality of intelligence which cannot be influenced by anything Now with our peaceful program to raise the nation to invincibility, every government will successfully defend the nation without the need for destroying the enemy, because when the nation is invincible the enemy will simply not be born.
Invincibility means:
- No enemy inside
- No enemy outside
- Highly coherent collective consciousness of the nation
- Quietly disallowing the birth of an enemy
- Quietly neutralizing the negative trends in society and increasing positive values in national consciousness.
Today the world is divided into two values — one to eliminate negativity by means of destruction and the other eliminating negativity by increasing positivity. The age old system of defence through the means to destroy the enemy is now being replaced by us with procedures to quietly destroy the enmity in the enemy—to quietly transform the enmity into friendliness.

Scientifically Validated Programme

There is a principle in physics called the Meissner Effect, which does not allow harmful negative influences to enter into the body. If the body is coherent within itself it does not allow a negative influence to survive inside or to enter from outside. National invincibility is like the quality of the Meissner Effect. It does not allow any negative influence to rise from within or enter from outside.

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This discovery of the Unified Field by the modern physical sciences—Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physiology, Biology, etc.— has further demonstrated the existence of a state which is beyond any negativity. With the discovery of the unified field in quantum fluctuations the structure of invinci- bility is very clearly available to us.

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We have evolved the technology to infuse an intense quality of invincibility in national consciousness so that national consciousness may demonstrate the quality of invincibility—for national life to remain invincible without allowing negativity and disharmony to disturb the tranquillity,harmony and peaceful state of national life. We are inviting every nation to adopt this technology of invincibility for maintaining order and disallowing disorder of any kind in the national life.

Yogic Flying

Invincibility is practically demonstrated when the practitioner lifts up in the air during Yogic Flying.In that,the power of gravity is brought to function according to the desire of the mind.This demonstrates control of the force of gravity,which is an aspect of the quality of the Unified Field— the quality of Natural Law—the Will of God.
A great deal of literature on this state of invincibility is available in the ancient Vedic literature.Invincibility has been sung throughout the ages in the different texts of all religions. this state of Invincibile National Consciousness can be generated and maintained in Ireland by a group of 240 people, equal to the square root of 1% of the population, practicing the Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi Programme in one place. This can easily be done by training a group of people solely for the purpose of maintaining Invincibility in the country.

Scientific Research

More than 600 scientific research studies on Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme have been conducted over the last 35 years at over 200 independent universities and research institutions in 30 countries.
Many of these studies have been published in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals around the world. This research has demonstrated profound benefits in all fields of life—health, education, administration, defence, business and industry, criminal rehabilitation and crime reduction in the direction of world peace.